Ballad Of

Ballad HQ makeover moments...

by Lindsey & Claire on 30 January 2012

Here at Ballad HQ we love pretty things, pretty dresses, pretty shoes and of course pretty things for around the house. You may or may not know that Ballad HQ is actually Lindsey and Claires little granny flat, filled with Chintz, vintage tea cups and many many charity shops buys. Ashtrays and gin (or vodka) decanters a'plenty and we wouldn't change it for the world.

    But the day has come where we have to get (gasp) NEW THINGS!! we're in desperate need for a few key items, bed side tables, a rug, new bedding, cushions, and a few new sofas to put those cushions on.  The search is officially ON.

    A few Ballad 'I Loves' with a few cheeky green bits and bobs for Claire. (She loves green dontcha know?)

    summerpalacebl_duckegg_medium Gorgeous, a bit french and super summery for the ever looming spring time. (we can't wait for summer!!!) Waking up in this bed (seperately, of course) would definitely set us up for a perfect day.


    Cute little bed side tables, big enough to hold a night time read and a packet of paracetomals for our hangover mornings. PERFECT.


    The all important green piece, Claire is head over heels with this.

    Screen shot 2012-01-29 at 09.38.00 A rocking chair...because every girl should own a rocking chair, right?


    And well...what can we say, we would just adore our front room to look JUST LIKE THIS!

    We are completely in love with all of these things so I guess its time to start saving the pennies. Easier said than done ey?

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